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Let us go and journey—
scuba equipment,
without any air save that in our own
lungs, any visual aid save our own
eyes—to the bottom of the Marianas Trench,
to the exact
spot (there will be no X, but we
will know
it by the vibrations it causes in our
bones) where the first
creature—if that is the right term for it—dwells,
where the origin lives.
Let us go there and meet
it. Let us stare
into the eyes it does not
have, scream
into the ears it does not
own, and know
it understands

30 Mar 08

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Is what Jung? Like Carl Jung?
 — fireballems

I thought this was really really nicely done.
I love your breaks and the topic is fresh.
Very, mystical, almost.
 — madderhatter

thank you very much.
 — fireballems

beautiful, i love it already from its surface level, the mystery, imagining the place, the darkness of it, the pressure, the impossibility of the task, which is only apparent, 'we'.
 — unknown

i had the same experience when i found my erogenous zones in a soapy bath once.

 — unknown

Unknown, I think everyone understands every poem in their own way. I'm glad the poem made your brain start cogging away. I wasn't going for Jung when I wrote this, but I like that interpretation a lot.
 — fireballems


Maybe I'll post an interpretation later tonite.
 — fireballems

ok ok, this has little bits of me.
: )
 — fractalcore

that's great.
 — fireballems