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Cough syrup scented laundry detergent
fans my nose
on my slow jog to a size six.
Past the driveway of my neighbors
that I long to kill, their child-at-play
sign, halfway in my driveway.
Another intrusion.
The cake.
One thing quickly decided; my hope in
diplomacy finds me unsteady. It came so
quickly. I long for discord.
"Did you know that 'Atlantic' salmon
is artificially colored?" he panted.
"Its not naturally pink. Its naturally gray. Wild salmon is pink
due to a specific kind of plankton it eats.
But we pretend its real and we eat it
with a blind eye."
Proof that we like our pink, shiny
and new.
Loving for reality, a novel idea,
especially for reality-acceptance foot stompers;those damn
preachers of health and real.
Oh bother, I think.
I might just
stomp my foot
and go pink.

30 Mar 08

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|12+ I enjoyed,
but up to then, I felt it was a little too akin to many other poems that relate the same styles. Of course this is not entirely negative, for new writing styles aren't very common given the diversity in the modern day. I just feel like I've read it all before and it didn't snag my attention as it could have. Then again, Joey or someone will come up and tell me what an ignorant prick I was and that this is sheer beauty. But until then, I leave you with a seven: for the last three stanzas.
 — EpicPants

trivia: there was once a magazine called Pink.

very nice
: )
 — fractalcore