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Silent thoughts race empty spaces
of sleepless minds left wide awake
by drumming heart beats and loud silence
as others rest and dream of day.
Angry thoughts turn violent minds
that seek mindless action for calculated
mistakes by friends and friendly foe alike.....
Revenged by death if medieval times renew.
Shameless thoughts awaken the lustful pillar
deprived of blood turned frail bone,
Unstimulated under sticky seas of acne
it waits for blindness and the end of "age".
Calculated thoughts move ambitious kids
towards their fate predestined by genes
and chosen by families inherited at birth ,
(And the extra grand here and there).....
Happy thoughts like sad thoughts
make careful people have crazy thoughts
which always lead to careless thoughts
that bring about the end of thought....

30 Mar 08

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i tawt i taw a putty tat

: )
 — fractalcore

I did I did......
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