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Living The Question

“And what is reason? and what is love? and what is life?”
    -Walt Whitman

reeling through some sort of existence,
unable to discern logic
from nonsense,
fact from myth.
your eyelids are unopened,
but you see just the same,
see an image as you have forever,
and, you assume, always will
for Heaven,
you believe,
is just above where the lightening begins.
And her Mary
-like face will be there among the clouds
and holy
figures, you know,
you know.
And you know
that when you finally
wake to that eternal
day St. Peter and some gates shining
and some angels singing
and some trumpets blowing
will be there to greet
you. You know and are certain.

31 Mar 08

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hmm i think we are actually living an answer, and living with the questions.
anyway, almost nothing is certain, almost
i like the motto:)
 — nisetru

what is...


i maybe wrong again...

: )
 — fractalcore

JMO, but i think we are never living an answer, but living a question, searching always for the answer, which lies always right out of our reach.
 — fireballems

Questions and Answers are layer cakes of duality with melting ice cream filler -- change is the only constant and the meandering mental mind is like a river of doubts about it -- all these things are inventions, the duplicitous conceit to weather the changes and hope for the best -- we carry rainbows on our backs and look for the Soul in the Sky with eyes as deep and wet as oceans roiling asking why oh why am I -- nevertheless with these here Maps of the Universe are the keys to the Kingdom you just gotta manage the territorial imperatives --
 — AlchemiA

Lightning. This is good
 — themolly

I liked the start, but somehow it lost some of its power for me when Mary and St. Peter dropped by, you know what I mean?
 — Eloha

Eloha, I do. You're the second person to say that to me. I need to work on it.
 — fireballems

If we actually knew the answer.....what would be the point of living? Where/what/why would we strive?
 — joshcoops

JC, that's exactly what I'm trying to say. Every person's ultimate life goal is to answer these sorts of questions. I would argue that every action one takes is even in some part an attempt to answer the questions. No one, of course, ever does answer them though.
 — fireballems