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If I Found You First/Wedding Vows

“I searched for curtains that matched
the lushiness of your lips on lazy, hot days
of summer that we will never get back,
but happily look forward to.
Everything about you is beautifully vague,
all awhile you captivate me with your silence
and strong touch, balancing my cold
with the warmth of patient breaths.
Thank the heavens I found you first,
because I never had time to have my heart broken.
While lying in your arms is never a permanent,
I still consider you my rock.”
Someone accidently shook the pew,
and suddenly my eyes watched you
walk down your aisle from my aisle,
in a House-o-God.
I can only imagine these things
because in-fact I did not find you first,
and that miniscule flaw in timing made all the difference.
And here I am, sobbing at a wedding
for all the wrong reasons.

1 Apr 08

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Love your concept
 — tiedtoes