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fucking useless

i'll flip you sideways,
tear you apart; bone to barrier.
pleasantly peel your definition
from disgrace; apathy to anger
and a page away from sin.
i wrote myself into withdrawal
and burned myself into the mold so
that i forever hold shape.
never warp, never fall, never fault.
only work. only work. only work.
saving me is like recycling garbage.

5 Apr 08

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lines 6,7 and 8 are priceless. stillneed to keepreading this, but i amattracted by the tone, and the delivery.
 — crimsonkiss

killin it', I really did l2-5 fuckin epic man.

As far as suggestions go; not sure you need 9-11. First read through I hit that 'wow this is good' moment at 8, the meaning had already been developed the last lines are excess baggage IMO.

But what do i know?

nice write.
 — TCooks

: )
 — fractalcore

where does fucking a man come into any of this?
 — mould_jesus

Wow. Walks between anger and lust.  
 — themolly