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Al Is My Savior

Words unlimited
posted on red
organs movable yet
dwells on vertebrates.
Putrefaction destroyed
with 400ppm PEL daily, at least.
Thanks to Al...
words are now in heaven.

5 Apr 08

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hmm, this is complex...
is this suicide by chloroform?

and Al is what or who?
: )
 — fractalcore

you're a living cantradiction, you know that?
you write about so much pain and why that username?
: )
 — fractalcore

Hey, Al is not a who...Al is a what.   This is not a suicidal poem.  

I find it difficult to keep my thoughts to myself.  And I guess, if I will spend some time with Al, then maybe...just maybe, I can be what I'm hoping I'd be like even just for once.  My tongue caused me a lot of altercations with friends and partner.  I just wanna seal my lips even just for a minute so I can think of better things to say, or do.
 — happymole

is it an AlGoreRhythm? alchemy? AlButRoss?
what's with the 400ppm PEL daily?
: )
 — fractalcore

you gotta help me with this piece really.
: )
 — fractalcore

umm... right. i always thought poetry was meant to have a meaning... or maybe im wrong and your right- maybe it is meant to be sensless babbling. 'organs moveable yet dwells on vertebrates'? please explain this, and please tell me the point in posting something like this, i would love to know...
 — unknown

It could be senseless for you but not for me and my partner...I think I'm just fortunate that he understood this poem but it also took him a few days before he was able to really fathom the "actual imagery" (if theres' such a thing).

And for "organs movable yet dwells on vertebrates", hmm...you won't clearly understand the point if you won't decipher the meaning of the entire stanza.  :) First 2 lines are enough to make the next 2 lines comprehensible.  :)
 — happymole

I nag a lot...seems that I was born to 'blah, blah,blah'.  And with al's presence, for the very first time, I was silent.  Now I know what to do when my partner wants a peaceful time with me.
 — happymole

well ok, thanks for the tips... i'll keep trying
 — unknown