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this love and the Whos

Remember when we would only watch movies baked because nothing is ever trippy enough
Your mind was blown away by Horton, the Whos and the tiny Whoville fluff.
You said to me "I think he's found all that's wrong with the world"
I said "I think that maybe you've found it" as your soft words blurred.
Remember how after, we kissed like warm magic while our spirits melted
How we'd grasp at ticking time holding it more than we'd ever held it
We'd lie and press joint to lips, watching the smoke swirl in the candles light.
Rhyme silly rhymes before we ever started sleeping, though we never said goodnight.

6 Apr 08

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wow, it means the film is truly magic, uplifting.
i sense a separation there, but it is very small; sleeping tight embraced is what is beautiful about lovers' sleeping.. even though goodnight opens the gates of their common dream.
 — nisetru

i have yet to see that movie.

very nice poem.
: )
 — fractalcore

This is sweet.
 — themolly

thanks to everyone. :)
 — shadowskiss

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