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Time heals for those who will it
Death deals for those who wish it
For everything else, pray
That is the compliment and the course
for the penitent may

6 Apr 08

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"MOMMY [mind over matter makess you]!!!" ?

i dunno really, it's all up to you, i guess.
: )
 — fractalcore

How's about the hopeless prayer?
 — unknown

i think prayer is still mind over matter,
a conditioning of sorts.

Mother is whom we usually run to when
weary, right? She [or Time] then heals
our wounds, dries our tears, etc. She gave
birth/life to us and we return to Life's womb
in or upon Death...

and what is Life but Death?
of course, DADDY is also an option
but you'll have to figure out the
meaning of that acronym.
: )
 — fractalcore