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for ka

so we'll go on treading water,
for years and years to come,
every one of us,
because you, sweet lady,
are with the angels now,
held safe in their hands,
the way you always held my words,
my trust, my dreams, my hopes,
and all that i ever naively believed in,
all that you ever naively believed in, too
sacred in yours.

"For everything I touch, you touch. For every step I take, you take. For every breath I breathe, you breathe. Every dollar I make, you make. I told you we'd make it to the sunshine one day, you just got there a little quicker."

15 Apr 08

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Ooo. Good.
 — themolly

 — Ananke

Eternity be fulfilled, ka.

...It always Is...
: )
 — fractalcore

Beautiful and I love the personal touch of this.  
 — Isabelle5

What??? Ka died? That just can't be.
 — unknown

Ka...(sigh.)... :-(  Thank you for liking my writing as much as you did.  You're with the other angels now, sweetheart.
 — starr

oh immortal beloved stirs with stars in this profoundly wondrous piece - wendz you sing here--
 — AlchemiA

i don't understand how this is top rated, it's just not a good poem, sorry.
 — unknown

It's honoring a selfless contributor to poetry and poets, not necessarily the poem itself. Just look at it as flying the pc flag at half-mast for a while.
 — unknown

^ and that's all it is; the ratings aren't for this, I don't think, but for ka - she's always been a ten, always will be.
 — wendz

A beautiful eulogy!
 — trochee

so sigh
 — onklcrispy

We love Ka. All of us here, trapped in this one body. You've done well in the title alone. The words that follow are a fitting tribute.

I miss her.
 — unknown

I miss and treasure her like I will always miss and treasure humanity, and life, and love, and all the good things that keep the soul alive.
 — wendz

This is beautifully written, and very sad. ):
 — Aziel

lols...i think tis is.....like keats,but in e bad way
 — unknown

For Kaleb.
 — turboswami

she was a good one. one of the first i liked when i discovered this site 6 years ago.

way to honor her, wendy.
 — mould_jesus

what year are we in?
 — unknown

i changed usernames.
 — mould_jesus

totally not the point though.
 — mould_jesus

i remember when ka died
so sudden sad strange
revisiting this to recall better days around here
 — unknown

She was truly awesome.  :-)
 — starr