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Who could hide poetry
in these thinly worded lines?
gnomic and fertile, rhapsode sweet?
Who could hide in the bosom
of your good will,
and not for a moment
return to Delphi,
ask of Mangalore, ask of the Chilanes
of Kuten, were they, were they
were they not wrong at Delphi?
Who could hide grief
in this damask veil dirge? It is
bulging, it is bulwarked forth,
it is ruined among the
ashen seabeds of mother earth.

15 Apr 08

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I will miss her most because she was always happy.
 — wendz

wish i'd witnessed her happEness and exchanged
happy faces with her.

she's way happier now, i'm sure.
: )
 — fractalcore

don't understand all the personal touches but I love how you've said it.  SHE understands, that's what counts.  
 — Isabelle5

to the Poet - from stars she came to stars she returns --
 — AlchemiA

Isabelle, the personal touches are not all too personal. It just refers to how she had taken over the position of hesiod.

In legend, the oracle at Delphi told Hesiod he was going to die in a certain place. So he went elsewhere and died anyway.

The other places, Mangalore, Chilanes, Kuten, they are all places of other oracles. Sort of a "take it back, tell Delphi she was wrong".

I don't know. I sat to write about ka and it's what came out.
 — Ananke

Oh Miss Brown..I got this with the explanation. It's beautiful.
 — wendz

Oh my God, she was Hesiod?  I am shocked now!  I wrote to Hesiod all the time and not once did I know it was Charlene!  Ugh!  I wrote just two weeks ago and never got an answer!  I can't believe it.  We were...I can't even explain, it's hitting me even harder now.  
 — Isabelle5