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Rx Queen

* Oh! Sweet nothing
Her legs against mine—
Skinny dipping in cool Caribbean water
Standing still as the breakers fall upon us
As we—
The sole players on this carasoul
Grasp each other as if the tide will run off with our souls
Under a smiling peach moon
The blessing—
Our moment of reverie and repose
How the icy shivers of the waters of our skin
Rise and fall like the waves, we bathe
In salty water set free
As rising undulations obscure that glimmering oracle
For a moment of weightless bliss,
Then back again in its sight
Our baptism—
Émigrés of the last remnant of hope,
Deserters of an army of martial law,
We escape—
Cross the border to our Mexican sanctuary
Our shrine to the last sacrament, this profane divinity.
The last bastion—our lust of a life hidden
We take our communion of Oxycontin and Absinthe.
And pray to our angels of mercy,
Too begotten of wraiths of exile,
Sharing in their teary eyes of a joy known to no other
Lying upon our naked bed,
Shivering bodies kept warm by the heat of blood and flesh
We sleep to tempid pulsations through once atrophic veins
The rose petals, our morning glory
Brings answered prays of a new day
A bare mattress, a milk crate nightstand
Still the glass doors left open
As our sheets dance, drying in the ocean’s bellows
The glory—
We alone enrapture ourselves
In the soft morning glow of porcelain curves  
Gentle brush of hair—my eyes close
I support the nape of her neck as a newborn’s,
The small of her back , my savior—
Morning showers of a desperate hotel,
Lukewarm hints of rebirth each morning,
Brings a heavy smile, annihilating the pangs of withdrawals
As my eyes open in frigid water of the sink.
A gaze in the mirror, lost in my own eyes—
Sustenance for the day ahead, as I’m assured by the God within
Life will appear again in the night—
After a mid-morning run to the farmacia,
We may return to that glimpse of virginity
Only after it is sold each day for fifty dollars and a ride back to our lotuses.

16 Apr 08

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 — unknown

i do think people through the concept of soul around to much
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"mandalay, i remember..."
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