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I Cried Today

I stood in my bathroom and I cried...
I cried for the friendless little girl that I can still hear whimper and cry at night out of loneliness
I cried for the fifteen year old girl that woke up one morning to find her father gone, a shadow of a stranger in his place and her mother uncaring about what happened to either of her children
I cried for the sixteen year old girl that laid awake at night a knife securely stuffed underneath her pillow in case the stranger decided to attack her
I cried for the seventeen year old girl that begged her uncaring mother to let her come back home after she was thrown out and ended up becoming homeless
I cried for the eighteen year old girl that became a mother to soon
I cried for all of her dreams that were broken and all her aspirations that never had a chance to be full filled
I looked in the mirror and all that was left was me

19 Apr 08

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I stood in my bathroom and cried
for the friendless little girl that...
Cried until i
looked in the mirror and saw
all that was left
is me.
 — unknown