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Ever Google:  Error messages and feel you ‘re getting permission?
you google denied>>>> A slippery slope this can become,
instead you google earth.
It’s safer;
you will not be hunted down as some kind of a hack, hacker, your luck: Terrorist.
Until your aunt manifests, uneasy feeling about the whole Earth google thing, she fixes her bed.
She mutters()()()()
there are so many directions you are unaware of……..
She asks you not to label her house!!! Don’t  label my house…
the wrong people might get the idea its valuable. Rediscover wrong, ithink.   How do you know Israel won’t B my house?
Why would I want to label???? She spirallllls….
i don't like the idea…i like the idea. I’m 100% cerebral.  she spierolls
you want ta put in order. things. Tag your it.
you want (to) read her journal.
fix the blinking lights//// the feeling of permission.
Beyond:  again back to why boys rev their engines,
and woman get in. sad? Unsad.  those days where you had less moments with yourself. moments in season.
you want to solve your survival from a bird’s eye view?
aerial salvation     just like how they watch you.
source it.
fear learning, meaning danger - true deathdanger –the endall ranger killa like nothing matter Xperience, is a Bliss
is a curse           that keeps staking.  
to            run like you're breaking prisons,
without skills like you’re just born, to love one, yours.                                
should qualify for the big B. the cursed waiting list.  
there is more of everything in our infinity. But not enough about us.  
Knutme: find safety/heightened stare of awareness,    money having how to consume, having change,    talking nothing.  
You fear the Exit is an exile,         so bend, you bend it. you got the having.
it's still u.  decorated.     and the gaps   keep swelling… consequences,    tattering choices.   Ladders nailed to ladders, holding the climbing hands.     and you measure safety.
Gun think guns.  Baby, wish it can be any other way, to regulate it..  
Someday you’ll experience your memory, it will be of things imagined, and things happened.
You’d be tempted to call it history,           porosity.
Someday you’ll be mining at night         under the flood lights, dreaming of fishing in a lake        and you get a Seek                 for influence. Dig?  
Someday you will be working in a field,      growing food for the masses,      with soil on your cloth,
soil that looks like blood.   not yours, Knutme.  
Think Hunger.
or boredom if speaking English.
and         you will    accept  it  All.

19 Apr 08

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very nice work.
: )
 — fractalcore

good work.
 — unknown

Thought provoking
 — unknown

fractalcore thinks its by joey
 — unknown

well, not really, unk.

but i do think the unk who wrote this
has a promising talent. is [s]he you?
: )
 — fractalcore

Thank you for the comments.
 — unknown