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Fear of Abstraction

Your anxiety
boiled; you let it;
you did not want to be
the next removal,
nor did you crave
It would seem
you did not want to
this concept, which
you could not grasp with
your knowledge;
like a child
at the play
ground, you did not

19 Apr 08

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I'm just not getting it; It makes me think of being voted off an island!
Yet, there is something I like about it, because I read it over and over.
 — cowork

thanks. this poem is abstract, and i think that might dilute it a little.

it is about a person who doesn't want to be excluded, or abstracted, by society. i am glad it is worth several reads, however.

and i'm sure you get it fine. it is indeed pretty simple.
 — listen

if only you knew what i got from this.
the emotion here (even though it is controlled, even though it may only be my own), affected me quite personally,
made my skin shiver,
would make tears if i wasn't tough today.

thank you for writing,
 — jenakajoffer

i'm glad i had this written down on my pc fave list.  and come to think of it, after all this time, i read the last line as 'inclusion' for my son.  and then this poem works perfectly.  but, the strange thing is, i read it how you have it when i first commented, and it was perfect then.  very weird.
 — jenakajoffer