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A Hymn to Self-Acceptance

Wilt thou forgive O’ self
That past which cannot be taken again?
Sin of conduct, treachery to the ideal,
Oft do I recollect in myself such wrongs,
Would I not take the journey as a learning,
I would be mistaken with self-hatred,
Though I have run from youthful error,
And rarely follow up upon my defects,
Would I know still the core of love in me,
And that higher part that beckons for truth,
Would I embrace still the nobility,
Which had not time to bloom?
Wilt thou forgive thyself for once,
And in self-acceptance find,
A life well lived in all that hast been done,
Including misery and future trials,
All as part of one intelligible whole,
An undeniable love of learning time,
Until time herself goes inside,
Folding what we were and
What we shall become into yet
Some unimaginable futurity…

I do not tend to edit my poems, perhaps you will tend to notice. I write to reveal myself to myself and that is mostly all I do.

24 Apr 08

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nice footnote. edit as you find necessary.
please yourself first and foremost before
anyone else.

now don't ask me for a critique or reason
for 10-faving this as i'm not wont to explain
myself as much as you don't intend to edit
this piece.

it's a completed task not even needing one
bit of self-acceptance or affirmation.
: )
 — fractalcore

If you sincerely do not want editing comments, please post elsewhere.  This is a site for those of us who wish to write better.  Why would we want to waste time commenting when we already know you are not interesting in doing anything besides patting yourself on the posted back?  

This is a workshop, keep that in mind.  
 — Isabelle5

Oh Isabelle, the editing comes in writing anew? Didn't you know? If I read your poems, would I get your perfectionism? I doubt it very much. We write according to our personality and inclination, and yes a pat on the back is always helpful.

Sometimes I feel editing too much destroys the creative process, you see, I am one of those. Pardon me if this makes me not one of your peers.
 — Eloha

Archaic language makes this one of those Poems that tries to Paint a Picture without anything authentic to say -- where are you in this? Drinking wine and a winning smile and some arrogance about nobility which sets you apart from the vast masses those heathen asses -- the wording is too formal and the word choices make the eye look away, what more need I say -- educated loutisms
 — AlchemiA

i wouldn't edit it either. i'd totally turn myself around and be very humble about writing a poem, and i'd wait until it came to me -- that move involving something finally understood waiting to somehow come into words, and i'd get my head into that understood space and see the figures in it which are most important -- the people representing the concepts -- and i'd work the concepts like clay and meld them into a final shape and then use my craft to melt the shape into a crystal form. then i'd offer it here, and i'd know that it was a true poem because i worked and saw every step -- was within that world of vision and word and sound.

you've said yourself as a person who rushes and is afraid, and you've bent words to fit your personality without being kind to the words -- the clatter over the page -- and what you've revealed to yourself ought to have made you more conscious, and, instead, it seems to have made you simple brittle and opinionated. in any case, this isn't a poem and i don't know why you've posted an admitted blog-entry for crit in critical poetry.
 — joey