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sniper eye of the kestrel

forced to play host
to my wife's friend
and her daughter
in my backyard
while my wife
gets dinner ready for them.
as her daughter
trudges through grass
up to her knees
(still unmowed from last year)
trying to catch my dog's tail
she asks
if i've ever heard of a book
called 'a new earth'
says she saw it on oprah
it's about the world
needing to evolve philosophically
in the face of
global crisis.
little too heavy for me
but i think you'd like it,
she says.
friends of my wife
who've come across my poetry
think i'm dirty
and sick
and do me the favor
of no longer speaking to me.
ones like this who only know me
from the fifteen and twenty minute intervals
i'm forced to suffer their presence
mistakenly peg me
for some practitioner of
metaphysical mumbo-jumbo
probably due to the
prolix obfuscations
i utter in their presence
to pass time
and amuse myself.
i'm about to explain i'm
closer to a junior college physicist
than a mystic
but i'm saved
as her daughter gets
cozmo's tail
he spins around
accidentally knocking her over.
we jog out there
and as she bends down
to pick her daughter up
it's lightning through my body
as her shape unfolds
sniper eye of the kestrel
right down
past the cusp
of her nipples.

2 May 08

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Nice, Justin, you had me laughing all the way through.
wife's friends are going love it !
I remember quite a while ago, You wrote about a friend who lost some fingers to a snapping turtle, Could you send it my way, it was one of the first poems i read here that i liked.
book is doing good, Few pages have fallen out but i found some silver tape.
Have a good weekend.
 — sir_I_clan

this is great, love the story :)
also, his voice.
 — nisetru

You tell male truths that women have long suspected but you tell them in a way that makes sense, you dogg...haha!  Another tale told well.  
 — Isabelle5

you tell them honestly enough that it's endearing...*sigh* women will fall for anything!

well done again!
 — sherains

nice work, dude.
: )
 — fractalcore

good job. i like the pace, and the tautness of the ending. i knew though.
 — crimsonkiss