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He-man woe-man hate-her

Gayer than the average dan
Straighter than Clue(less) cluck clan,
Their matching robes and hat; fashion
state-men-tally-hoe and round em' up ma(l)te
cause underneath hate lies bodies fake
tanned to perfecto, Mexicans will debate,
And while we're at them let's expand the state
to include chinese, jews, indians and state
lovin' arabs who want re-bates for being
incarcerated for looking sedate while walkin'
through airports and secure-city gates.
Ha-ha, lol and all that jazz,
A racist jumpin' while clapping his hands
has no chance of being detected; unknown
please pronounce the K and let it be shown,
Let's hypo-the-size that I'm a hater,
Fuckin' people in my mind, a shy rater,
Want women to crawl back to the stone
Forget the pub(l)ic hair it's all that rages
in sexless young minds whatever their age is,
I have a dream- cried many a wise sage as
mine is for chest hair to take center stages.
So scared of admitting that a fair f(r)ight
beats cow-wards down and denies their right
while wrong-(end)ing me and fondling me tight,
as I grow strong (over)-her out of sight
And talk my sh(hhhhh)-it louder late at night.

To all people who hate others for no reason - I implore you; seek HELP!

5 May 08

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ape-reach-and-eat evening-sting even though mean-men ha(r)d to fall-low.
 — section4

the last stanza would be more efficient if you did some more of the word play in it. I like this. I agree, racists, sexist, pretty much anyone who has hate on their mind, needs to get help! It's really not worth it to spend your whole life looking down on others and missing out on your own faults.
 — Porcelain_Lo

LOL!  Right on!  This speaks volumes 2 that population (the haters.)  Though a bit of a challenge to read with the parenthesis, after a second read, the message shone through.  Haters hate because they can't deal with their own insecure (cities.)  There's always outpatient therapy and if that doesn't work, plenty of mirrors around to chuck chairs at.  As for the poem, clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!
 — starr

writeous write rant -- and Love has no opposite -- hate is the idee fixee of the controlling (I ME MINE) mind where all is differentiated and all that flag waving is the you`re either with me (like me) or you`re against me -- hate is definitely a sickness where the heart hardens and the juice of life dries up and you die -- vivre le differance and the Heart is an organ of Love that does not differentiate --
 — AlchemiA

Thank you Porcelain_lo, starr and AlchemiA for reading the poem, ape-reach-and-eat the comb-wets.

On a more serious note; Haters are out there people and their voices are usually the loudest; love is sinking to an all time low and people are just dividing themselves into tiny little groups so that they can hate others based on whims of a skewed perception of others. Their fault ( inherent traits or unchecked insecurities) or so-shy-cities fault.......don't care; just wish people would close their G-awe-d Damn mouths and listen to what others have to say.
 — section4

very well-said, section4.
: )
 — fractalcore

Amen!  There are WAY TOO MANY people talkin' with nuthin' 2 say.  And you're right..."inherent traits" would be a good guess.  I see so many idiots out there and they are carbon copies of their parents who obivously suck too.  I pity them and the generations before them and after them that perpetuated/continue to perpetuate the Assholism.  Sad, too, that in these days and times there are "monsters, scumbags, call 'em what u will) who are so BENT on being this cruel.  I believe in karma, so it's always a good thing when u read in the paper/see on the news a story about one such fuckhead who took a bullet to the brain or who swallowed someone's fist.  Sad, but true.  They offer nothing whatsoever to anyone along the lines of humaneness.  They just suck and need to be flown to some other planet where they can be canibals and eat each other's guts because they hate so freely and so much.  I salute and share in your observation.  Keep on spreadin' the love, baby.  I do and I reap many benefits as a result.  
 — starr

Thanks fractalcore.

Starr; I'm very happy with the response to the poem and the debate that ensued. I agree with everything you said. Society is really going down in the dumps; it starts off with little kids in schools, follows them all through their adult lives and depending on what they become their sphere of influence spreads. That being said a racist politician who cleverly hides his spots is a disaster waiting to happen especially if he acts without people knowing about it. Imagine talking about a governmental racist machine churning out policy designed to favor some over others. It doesn't have to be race, it could also include different economic classes, religion and something as petty as the color of your skin.....the color of your God damn skin!!! Instead of embracing diversity we look at it as another way to stab each other in the back.
I can't tell you how much I agree with you when it comes to Karma. The hater will always be a hater; its the undecideds that should be swayed in.
A space ship....perhaps the original aim of the NASA space program? Or maybe their aim was to send all the people they 'didn't' like into space. Just a thought.
All I can do is spread my principles to as many people as I can.....but will anyone listen?
 — section4

You got my ear.  It's funny you mention the whole NASA thing.  I've always said that "they" can't even get shit right on Earth and they wanna go and take over OTHER planets.  PLEASE!  Why?  To start wars up there too?  To spread the corruption?  To take over "other" civilizations?  I'm so disgusted with the whole Castle Risk attitudes.  Live and let live.  If you can't do that, then pop some pills and rid the people of your shitty presence.  No one needs it.  Thanks 4 YOUR comments too.  I'm a little more inspired today because of you.  :-)
 — starr

society is going down in the dumps?

i wholeheartedly disagree with your statement
 — unknown

p.s.  I'm attending a Diversity fair tomorrow at work.  I studied Spanish as a 2nd language for 6 years and my employer is looking at ways to make better use of my skillset.  :-)  
 — starr

Haters are out there?  They're in here!  Read the message board!   The only way to change it is one person at a time.  

This poem was hard for me to read but worth the struggle.  I do think you used the funky formatting too much, though, making this a parody of a parody.  The poe(m) is in danger of blowing itself up with so much gun-powder.  It's like over-use of salt - a little adds flavor, a little more is a preservative, too much makes the item unpalatable and inedible.  Just watch the 'clever' stuff, as it can distract the reader to the point of poem annihilation.  
 — Isabelle5

I agree with Isabelle too, section4.  The haters are all right here.  As for your writing style, it works,  and hopefully it's just ONE of  the great flavors of your muse.  I stuggled initially to read this poem, and once I got through it, it was easier the second time around.  I am still moved by its very potent and necessary message.  Welcome to P.C. too, btw.  :-)
 — starr

"I've really enjoyed our conversations" last samurai

To starr; No, it's you who've inspired me. Any one can have an opinion but when he finds that other people share his view it gives him hope. Thank you.
(spanish for 6 years; I wish I had the same commitment; can't stay focused on a project that long, good luck with that)

To isabelle5;
Thanks for reading, I agree that the last stanza is somewhat loaded with the clever antics but it was intentional. I had so much to say and the first time I wrote it, it didn't convey the diversity of the meanings I was going for. It needs several readings but it eventually makes sense. Give it another shot...please. If it still bothers you that much we can negotiate a partial "down-tonement". ;-)

About the haters being here; most of the haters here are either unknowns or people with grudges against some one who was harsh on one of their poems or the newest group; people who are angry because no one comments on their poems. It's sad if you think about it.......not just because they are haters but because they are willing to go to a personal level and eventually their target can DO no right and all he does is wrong.......

Apart from these minor drawbacks; I love it here in PC; the talent here is unmeasurable and the minor skirmishes is an eventuality in any gathering of humans. ;-)
Thanks Starr for the welcome! Keep spreading the love- and let's start here on PC.
 — unknown

 — section4

You rock!  :-)  
 — starr

Holy crap.  This is a bitch to read, but it's hella cute.  <3
 — advisingaway

I guess it was inevitable;
2 ones on the same day just  proved the whole point of the poem.
I'm glad it ended this way.
 — section4

; )
 — fractalcore

the unknown 1-er strikes again, making no statement we comprehend, just that they're stuck in the rut they're in, looking at life as darWINian
 — AlchemiA