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Imp Pyre

They were little devils,
flames that only cared about the next
new way to destroy you.
They were innovative, and they wanted
a tall, overbearing way to
overload you, crush you and your
dreams, as though you were under a
big pile of concrete and steel,
when they took away your building of
toughness; they wanted to coal lapse
you, flood you with soot and the
stuff they put in fire
gratings. They tried to make people ash,
those ash holes.
And cars. That was how they destroyed a
person once. Or, thought they did.
The person lived, which flustered them.
So they chose an attractive woman,
assaulted her under asphalt;
but she lived as well. So the little
demons, they took some speed, and
decided it was time to jerk more
people around, to create their
imp power;
tripped, because it fired backwards.
and there was nothing they could do.
Fool lash little imps.

8 May 08

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-- nice word play and Fire does not know where to stop -- the ultimate consumer -- in the Medicine Wheel, a Map merely, there are the Four Elements -- each Race empowered with the bane or boon of that urge -- White-Fire peoples with their Fire Wires and internal combustions are conflagrating upon the Earth with fissionable fusions -- the coffee culture and fire water drinkers -- consuming themselves with ambitious Fire movies and Stars falling burning themselves out after shining so brightly -- Earth-Red man waits and Black Waterman moves us soulfully there and Yellow Airman with bright intelligence aware -- a curious Map it is and we are each other in this -- imp power the fool ash we embrace the fallen tripped and backfired
 — AlchemiA

thanks AlchemiA. you really understand this piece, and i like that. i'm glad you got the message.

i assume these ways aren't yours, however. it seems we all need to struggle against those that employ this theme as their doctrine.

such a shame they do that ...

anyway, i appreciate your complement. it means a lot.
 — listen

awe-sum tote-tall-it-tee.

duh word ease hour playground.

lust lying's my fave-ore-eat.
: )
 — fractalcore

Fractalcore, thanks. i am glad you liked this.
 — listen