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The Joke Of The Day Is Me

I dont trust people because I'm always the one who ends up getting hurt.  
I don't trust people because it's always everyone else who gets ahead while I suffer.
I don't make friends because it only causes dissapointment and pain.
I don't make friends because it's a waste of time to put effort into something that is only going to crash and burn.
I stay to myself because at least that way when things go wrong I only have myself to beat up over it.  
I stay to myself because it's better that way for everyone.
I am a fool
I am a joke
I am a loser
I am a weakling
And I hate it

9 May 08

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Great stuff.  Actually you are the one who is intelligent, strong and a true winner for commiting and staying true to your morals and values.  I too, sometimes hate the fact that there seems to be no-one else who values true friendship anymore.  However, that is no fault of mine.
 — rrjcarleton

If you removed everything before line 7, you'd have something stronger, as the preceeding lines sound like whining, not poetry.  Those remaining lines say so much in a small, compact presentation.  

I have learned that the world is not usually the problem, if Everyone responds to you in the same way.  We all have to work hard to connect.  
 — Isabelle5

Keep your head up. Deep inside you're stronger than they'll ever be.
 — Dreamer89