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Hey little girl you keep my mind  afloat
And your beauty keeps my mind lost on the seas
and How I wish you gave me a little kiss
Because your lips are the water I need
And your beauty is all I care for
Because without you there is nothing that keeps me on afloat over the seas
how I wish you knew about this little girl
Because I can hide this love that I have over you little girl
how I wish that you feel the same way as I do little girl
Because I feel like drowning on the sea little girl
Jest let me know how you feel after you read this little girl

9 May 08

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I really like how the poem opens up in lines 1-4. Sounded sweet :)
 — Dreamer89

mind the punctuation or we have difficulties to follow you...

is 'of flout" standard English ? i think you mean afloat...
 — greenmantle

nice poem
 — unknown

After awhile it just sounds like you're a total creepoid, repeating "little girl" over and over. There are some half-formed emotions here, but really the whole thing is a drag of one thought and very unnecessary.
 — mindbodysoul