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endherwait w/ hiss fooed fur thawt

and the Sun burns black --
water the cancer, eat the brain
severed in severe insoluble
solutions to the unsolved
forever involved, forever
lame, wild and tame, thee:
Idea that which floats
heavy on the outside
empty within, space
time wearing
thin, more
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written 8 May 08 5:31PM

10 May 08

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now you can choose to read this from the
bottom up or convetionally.
: )
 — fractalcore

this is comparable to that saying, the heart that beats faster dies faster, or better burn out than fade away. i love that it can be read on multiple levels, growing either as consuming and destroying or as knowledge
lines 3-5 are best in my opinion
i like it very much
 — nisetru

backwards too? no way!
 — Naltlot

i like the opening/ending line.
 — raskolniikov

I believe its "food for thought". Get it? Fooed fur thawt. You have a green thumb too, fractal?
 — grneyeddevil

Sure...why not. Manure to some is sustenance to others.
 — grneyeddevil

too gimmicky. i don't like your forced, contrived styles.
 — unknown

i kept going back to 3-5 and i feel almost as though im there as you wrote that
it just slid right out didnt it, those lines
and then the rest sorta just followed but wasnt nearly as satisfying as when those words were coming in a slippery rush
 — chuckle_s

does the light exist without the eye or a kiss without lips to kiss or are these theses all anthropomorphophilosophosized because we recreate in our own image -- from the mud in our blood and the sea to the very reaches of the Cosmic fires burning in the far reaches of empty space we are each and all a veritable part of this place -- duality etudes as here writ colour this wisdom, every bit --
 — AlchemiA

thanks for your comments on my poetry fractalcore.
 — raskolniikov

thank you so much for the appreciation. i'm glad you
can read it on many levels. ||3-5 are my fave, too.

yes, backwards, too. reads the same either way, doesn't it?

try it backwards.

thank you so much for liking this piece.
it's always a pleasure reading your poetry as well.

to have a zen garden is one dream i have but my
thumb is more like an alien green thumb.

thanks for stopping by. forced contrived styles?
i never said reading it backwards was easy.

glad to have you here, dude. yeah, those lines
just slid as if out of a slimy container. i'm very
much contained in those lines, too.

you have a great eye for truth.

: )
 — fractalcore

don't you live in outerspace, dued?
or just trying to make me think you're
feigning shortsightedness?

: )
 — fractalcore