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Tom(m)orrow, eggs will taste sour

Did you happen to forget
the basics of human survival;
To eat existential energies
or to stay away from fires,
Release your filth of waste
into yonder environ-mental
as human carcass waste
reinvigorates and potentiates
all the possibilities of beaked
hate as they succumb to
mental stains of sadistic
tendencies wrapped in
human brains.
I cut white meat thinking
that days ahead could hold
the revolution of the breaded
As over cooked meals revolt
against the hired help
and electrocuting nazis
receive what they had dealt;
For bloody chicken will
avenge their sorrowed
deep fried ends,
And their boneless cousins will
stand erect with elevated bends
and decide to break the cycle of
enslavement with revenge,
As clucking voices claim
the start of war beware
the naked 3 star chef
running hormonally bare,
They'll shift from eating grains
to tasting human flesh
eventually succumbing
to our eventual misstep
of claiming earth as ours
and growing hair on
horned heads......

18 May 08

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I Love You.
 — p_p_love

for gawd's sake, fix the typo in your title!
 — unknown

Very good twist on humanity.  What's up with the parenthesized "m" in "tom(m)orrow" in the title?  There's only one "m" in "tomorrow, unless it represents some kind of code?  
 — starr

It's definetly coded..........perhaps I should have written it tom-marrow......the occasional soup......just a thought
 — section4

It's my FAVORITE po(e)t!  I had no idea this was yo(u)!  Excellent!  I wanna climb inside your brain for a day.  I promise I'll b(e) qui(et.)!  :-)
 — starr

nice moves.
tasty voo-duh soop-herb
.exe cue sh'n

: )
 — fractalcore

I meant to say that this poem is "eggs-cellent."  :-)
 — starr

Thank you fractalcore and Starr for the read.
I guess you can say that I am a pun-did or better yet a drum-shtick of clucke'.....
Be my guest , jump inside but I should warn you...all my thoughts are in brackets.
Perhaps we can work on a new con-fusion-al poem to-get-her. Just a thought.
Thanks again.

Long legs the breaded breast!  
 — section4

 — unknown

Congrats, Section 4 on your #1 Top Rated poem.  Eggscellent (Section) 4U!  :-)
 — starr

Ha, must have missed that. Tis' Ok to have missed but informed. Thanks Starr.
The chicken (legs) are getting restless for the plucking.
 — section4

i have nothing to nit-pick. this made my day, and i will end it on high note and read nothing else. this will be printed out, hung up, and re-read. thanks you for this stuff you have been had done written.
 — onklcrispy

Hehe. I like it. It reminded me of George Orwell's Animal Farm.
Where'd you get the inspiration to right that?
 — m12327

er... write* .. ugh! that's what I get for only getting 5 hours of sleep last night! Hehe.
 — m12327

 — CNC92

I enjoyed this thoroughly.
 — aprilkutie

I like line 31, Gordon Ramsey, v.prophetic.
 — unknown

is section 4 the looney out?
 — Liliana

awesome...great grasp and utilization of language...
 — JKWeb

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