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Everyones so scared now a days.

Everyones so scared now-a-days
afraid the world will go up in a blaze
authority figures sit pointing crooked fingers
at all those so called sinners
so intent on making money
they have forgotten the world can be sunny
activsts and protesters yell out their debates
Only causing the world more drama and hate
when will this maddness come to an end
maybe when the poor have a say again
but for now money will talk loud
until the internet rips it all down
and then when we are all equal
with no plans to make a sequal
much thanks we'll be able to give
for when we are equal we can all just live.

First attempt at a more socially on topic poem.

24 Jan 04

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the rhyme scheme is just bad
 — TaylorC

not exremely bad fair for a first attempt
 — dethmanic

i think its prety good
 — reet