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When I Die

I wish I could explode into a million billion trillion sensational peaces,
And walk on the razor edges of each double-bladed sward,
Eat every meal that anyone ever ate, and taste every memory, bitter and sweet,
Delicious and disgusting, and realize that each side helps to measure the other.
I don't want to live my life; I want everyone else's life,
I want to feel the skin of the most beautiful girl, and understand her love
By seeing her man through her eyes, and appreciate it at the same time through his eyes.
And I want to know the sorrow of a farmer in India, or a mother in Africa,
Watching the land dying, and children withering away like the life of the world.
When I die, I hope I explode into a million billion trillion sensational peaces,
And see every home for the first sentimental time, feel every love for the first and best time.
When I die, I hope I get to see the end, and beginning of a life. I hope I feel happy
As a mother seeing her child for the first time, and the child when his cries are abated, instinctively comforted by the sound of his mothers voice.

27 May 08

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great thoughts. very passionate and original writing.
just one thing = remove 'sensational' from the last line.
thanks for posting.
 — trochee

Thank you trochee, dont know how long ago you posted that, but I appreciate the words of encouragement.
 — MattPat

And your excellent criticism.
 — MattPat