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Self Censorship

Bleed me
of these corrections
That only serve
to silence me
to keep me meek
in the fear
that you'll leave me.
But I'm the one
who's leaving
And in a way
I'm already gone
Stuck in fear
of the downfall
Stuck in the
mind gunk
that limits my
I know it's folly
Even in the writing
I think
"Not true"
but it comes up
in hues
And I'm guilty of
indulging this weak

27 May 08

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sink me, if i've said it wrong --
they only serve, who want
and wait. and mink and fur
of any kind deserve
to drape you,
date rape drama
that you're looking

but i'm the mink
who's wiggling away,
into the trees -- "firs" --
oh, gawd, ironic!! let
me rodent your memory
with mind glue
and at least beer,
and maybe queer
myself to your leaving,
in tears of fear...

(more to come, if you'll come back )
 — joey

But I am back
Long before I left
and in creeping thighs
I move around you, deft.

Sharp, and sincere
longing for the tickle of a post embrace,
too much, too much,
kinda taste.

But don't offer me lingering fears
I'll stick around if the wine is good
fuzz up to your kindness like a deep wood.
Smell of earth and wet, temperate air.

Can we linger hear?
 — CrudeEcstasy

what an ex-change
and i've got bills to pay.

pome away, folks.
: )
 — fractalcore

herring lingers in the river,
dating herring,
come to molt -- milton
called it, o hao aar the my tee
fallen. still, and i remember,
stunk, in the gunk,
and waat fish
these morsals be.
 — joey

bee's kneads the lofty fallen
and soothing softly spoken fingers pardon
but lofty are the goals that may be changed

what cares air of the density of birds
or the flow of the seed?
 — CrudeEcstasy