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Falsely adjectivized,
in the airport of your ideas.
Abusively scrutinized,
by your unforgiving tongue.
Greatly outweighed,
by your self-proclaimed brilliance.
You are in HUGE denial.
Gravitate towards,
the depths of truth.
And listen to the virginal echoes
of your conscience.
Maybe then, you'll think twice,
Before getting a man's dignity
tainted with your cleverly fictioned lies.

28 May 08

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now you can ditch the "'s here and drive the
point home with a bang. nice moves.
: )
 — fractalcore

got it fract, thanks :]
 — markfelician

yeh gotta agree.. has some nicely and properly worked thought lines...

though line 2 - the airport of your ideas - is a little clunky for me, but I understand where you are coming from (i think ;))
 — Mongrol

oh how i LOVE this,
lines 7,8 are so quietly powerful although 'huge' isn't quite as serious as i would have liked, but then again, i am not sure of a better word right now.

(too many commas...L1,3,5,9,14) and i would remove line 11 altogether.

thanks, really great poem,

 — jenakajoffer

Thank you Jena, I'm a big fan of yours :)
 — markfelician

though change the precept in line 15 from ..

Of getting a man's dignity


before getting a man's dignity
 — Mongrol

Thank you Mongrol :)
 — markfelician

pleasure ;)
 — Mongrol

hey thanks, ark.
nice to read your poem again.
 — jenakajoffer

u r a grain of sand in a whole beach of garbage,poorly acknowledged.i'll kick u down e sea.feel nth?cos u r rubbish.
 — unknown