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the benign inertia of a paperclip

if something is not quantifiable
does it exist?
if so
in what way does it exist?
for instance
how is a paperclip
different from god?
a paperclip is matter
in time and space
subject to
the principle of sufficient reason.
god is an idea
a consequent
of our natural tendency
to infer cause from effect
god is not quantifiable
by any empirical method
he exists solely
as an idea in our minds
a theoretical progenitor who has led to
the senseless slaughter
of millions and the
persecution of millions more
a theoretical progenitor who held back
advancements in science and medicine
for centuries.
so this paperclip
which is very real
has killed nobody
but this idea
this metaphysical phantasm
has promulgated genocide
and irrational shame
over our natural impulses.
i used to waste
my time
trying to
de-proselytize the jehovah's
when they
knocked on
my door
but i finally learned
the theoretical progenitor
is an incurable cancer
in those
so now i just shake their hands
tell them
thanks gentleman
but i'm the pastor of the benevolent
church of the benign inertia
of the paperclip.
have a good day.

31 May 08

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amazing ending
I think we are all god, all that exists, seen and unseen.
 — nisetru

nice concept but check your premise.
Gawd is the paperclip in quantifiable form and
You are [the] Idea - or substance - manifested
in [this] writing. perhaps the Truth is too innocuous
or be-nine a kit-ten to bother with or take no-tease of.
and isn't Gawd a natural phenomenon which doesn't
have to prove Itself right or wrong?

i like the amount of "truth" in this and the manner
it is delivered for a certain audience.

have a good day.
: )
 — fractalcore

btw, hi DeformedLion and nisetru.
: )
 — fractalcore