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raindrops and resignation

with all due respect i wish to leave
the place where solace created my insanity
i long for fear, struggle and adventure
my heart's born for the wild.
i am not for desktops;
to conquer the universe is my mission.
the road not taken awaits me
i seek the shadows of death.
trinkets of memories blur my sight
but hence the memoirs remain holograms
to forget. to regret. to live again.
the frontier is just a cloud away.
will the reaper take me to places
man dare not go?
chills indeed rattle my spine.
but fate has plans.

6 Jun 08

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nice piece, purple.

i bet you know that Life isn't simple enough
for one to long for tragedy and the like. it's
a viscious cycle, they say, and sometimes
a single lifetime would suffice and make for
a too boring and/or sickening regimen to go
through all over again. most of the times, we
can only do so much.

"with all due respect" is a nice move... coy
and yet sarcastic.

: )
 — fractalcore

thanks, fractalcore :)
 — unknown