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Breakfast with Rigor Mortis

my soul's been longing for the sheets
yet we spend the night with valiant eyes
it's the two of us against the darkness
it's as if the frogs have synthesizers
we laugh about and wonder.
it's me and you against the glare.
in this ill game to stay awake.
we grow pale. we eat squash fries we mistook
for jaundiced potatoes.
sweet potatoes.
because of these nights my player met death
but bereavement
became an option. we have duties.
we claim to be responsible. but insensitive.
sunshine's about to hit the streets in a few minutes.
say goodbye. tonight's another date.

6 Jun 08

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hmm, "jaudiced potatoes".
is the use of the period all through out
a deliberate move?  cool piece.
please write more.
: )
 — fractalcore

Is there a better way to start this than 'my souls been longing'

You can't start with such a cliched overused expression, you might as well start a speech with 'Ladies and Gentlemen....'
 — joshcoops