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The people who arnt so perfect all the time...

ummm...i really did write this, and i dont want anyone to steal it and try to publish it, and by the way IT HAS BEEN COPYRIGHTED! if u can comment on this site, please do! i would like to no your thoughts, and the title of this is Dont.. very simple! thanks for readin it

Dont be afarid to do your own thing
dont be afarid of what other people think
dont do something that you dont want to
dont please people who dont want you
dont try to be something you arnt,
dont run away when everythings gone,
because it will be back before you know it
talk to people dont hold it in,
when you talk you will feel better when you have accomplished it
dont follow the others
dont do drugs or anything else on that list
just do what you know is right
and keep your friends and family in sight
only you know you
and only you can tell who that really is
dont try to hide it
because other people can see right through it
when you look away from them,
they wonder what your doing,
but they just dont want you to bug them
make sure that your the best you can be
and have a few good friends along the way to help you accomplish good deeds
never look back and regret
because you cant go back in time and change that
dont be afarid of what other people think
dont be afarid to do your own thing
just because someone dont want you
donset that someone dont love you

10 Jun 08

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aw, this'd be so good in AARP. you should let everybody rip it off, cause geniuses belong to the world.
 — joey

What the hell is this?  You can't spell, can you read?
 — Isabelle5

isabelle.......O MY GOD. doesnt anyone use the shorter version of words anymore? GOD I HATE YOU FREKIN people who spaz at me for doing that. thanks joey!
 — pumpkinfetch

Sweetie, this isn't test messaging.  In Poetry, as in any craft, the details are important.  Imagine an Academy Awards dress without the lovely embellishments.

Don't hate the commenter, it's your job to make your poem as good as you can make it.  

The point hidden in this is good.  Line 21 is what I'm telling you about this poem.

You obviously know how to put the words together, you've done 28 lines of it.  Now the fun begins, the revising.  
 — Isabelle5

dis rawks hard in woe-tear.
tanks, pump-keen-pitch.
: )
 — fractalcore

isabelle i hate you.. anyway.. wats with the stupid simile thing "Imagine an Academy Awards dress without the lovely embellishments." that was stupid.
 — pumpkinfetch

this joke isn't funny anymore.
 — flourides