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A-bra Cad-a-bra

I tongue twist tender project-shun
of a hollow hole meant for
the bite-in, not for the fight-in,
Let me abra-cadabra my way
into your heart by the mention
of pro-fan-witty as I hand gesture
my love with the wrong finger
into your soul; black spots best
left unwise as to why your
cries mean less today than
yes; Tess-Day....( a mistake).
She lies that Sin-co-mated
beats lead to the conclusion
that event-duality was a
certain-tea served cold
to taste buds honed on
rapid fire; as the we
became I on nights
and her on others.
Realized that the dictionary
holds hidden meanings for
those who wait to see
the light while staring at
letters without glasses
as I freak out inside of you,
And Behold!
Marriage spelt correctly
spells the mirage that has
become our late night
escape-ads and my
early morning hang-over
I guess it's love.

11 Jun 08

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open to public interpretation
 — section4

 — themolly

That was pretty sick :) I like it a lot.
 — technomancer

You've really put your finger on something here
 — unknown

 — unknown

Thank you molly and technomancer and first unknown.

As for the second unknown, I am honored that you thought I was fractalcore ( I love his style and he is a great poet). Sadly I am nothing more than simple section4; an entity on my own.....sorry I bored you.
 — section4

i love this, good job.
 — JL

Thanks JL.
 — section4

very slick
 — Thirteen

thanks thirteen.
 — section4

hi, section4.

very nice moves here which i'd say very much your own but i can
somehow see myself there, too. a person can only be himself in what-
ever he does or he'll be crappy like the fruits of his labor. only you can
do a piece like this.

but emulation?
i guess it's the highest form of compliment.

hope you stay healthy, honest and fair in the PC arena.
: )
 — fractalcore

...i'd say are* very much you own...
: )
 — fractalcore

Hey fractalcore,
You can say that I learned from the best. Hope you don't mind me borrowing techniques and stuff, this is a wicked style and I absolutely love it.
Keep up th good work.
Thanks for reading.
 — section4

no problem really. what i was trying to tell you
was that you're developing your own style even
if it has similarities with the one you're emulating.
thank you for your appreciation.
: )
 — fractalcore

and i must add that you should read the works of
the old poets here or the ones mentioned in AN
HE-MALE KING DAMN[ED]. they can give you a lot
of inspiration, too.
: )
 — fractalcore


All this is who-what?
Better be good or i will
Call the autorities
Dead meat ones, twice, thrice

Four times


Lots of
Not to mention we-men
Over a short
Pukin' Period of
Rudeness --

Shall we all
Talk not just to be nice but with
Utmost care and understanding too?

Veer a-
Way from
X-plicit childishness; end the

5, 6, 7, 8, 9
zero into it,
us, you, and i.

written 06/15/08
t6hank you so much, section4.
: )
 — fractalcore


: )
 — fractalcore

You're welcome fc.

Veer a-
Way from
X-plicit childishness; end the

That's what I'm talkin' about. Good stuff.
 — section4

should be the case, huh?
: )
 — fractalcore

Love it.
 — wasp

wonderful poem


 — unknown