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perfect scenery

rain and coffee:
my sort of day,
in peasants dress
of slack robe and old socks
sitting on the dock
of my bed, steam rising
from my favourite cup
and slipping into
a good book
time, a tide; breaking
down by the second
hours slide by
and I don't go wanting,
just sittin'
in my bed
thumb and index
flipping page to page,
rolling on the words
as they rush back into
dark avenues of lazy
dust and papered dreams.
rain and coffee--
the perfect scenery.

14 Jun 08

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You simply cannot write poetry. Give it up.
 — unknown

 — nisetru

Yes, mother. I would gladly lie down for the cactus.
 — 6saysaysay9

my kinda day DF --
 — AlchemiA

I was told to "read and ten"
so: there.
Now you have to tell me all about cactuses.
 — mindbodysoul

Sitting on the dock of my bed, what a fun and imaginative line!  Perfect, indeed, if you change coffee to tea.
 — Isabelle5

great S2.
: )
 — fractalcore

just a little bit of otis redding for you,

thanks Isabelle, but then, i think, i'd have to move over to England.

thanks be to others too.
 — DeformedLion