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Let RED and BLACK emerge
from your frozen EPIDERMIS,
and let me unravel your
It is about a LOVE
that TEARS and BURNS but never FLATLINES...
SHE anticipated death,
and DEATH becomes HER.
Her ILL-signatured body was
NOTHING but his CANVAS, a MERE scratch paper.
How LOVELY her CHILD would have become, if it weren't for the SICKLE BURIED inside her WOMB.
AH! What a PITY,
seeing you like THIS.

20 Jun 08

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hmm, the capped words can be a poem on its own
while the uncapped ones cannot.

: )
 — fractalcore

you've an eye for word manipulation to gather layer'd meaning -- like fractaliscious spoke the CAP's can be another of the layers here -- some relationships get under the skin
 — AphroDite