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In Bed with Shharapova

b  O    i    n   g
b    o  i    N   g
b     O i     n  g
b    o  ı       Ng
bO      ı      n g
b   o   ı.  N    g

22 Jun 08

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Gee, that's cute.  Nothing to carp about here.  I like it, especially that the "i" appears to be emboldened (bolded).
 — netskyIam

she's curvy.
 — unknown

nice :) movement of the balls, o and n; funny.. also cause i thought twas inspired by that advertisement on the tv, "russians with their sounds" sommmething yup..
 — nisetru

a shap'd pome that recalls the festive body dances jumping up and down on the old spring bed's as children squealing with delight --
 — AphroDite

this is cool.
: )
 — fractalcore

seems to me that the i is ejaculating.
look: the dot on it is being launched.
: )
 — fractalcore

Ta for comments. Was going to call it "Forbidden love" [Hope it's reasonably obvious why]  but on checking worldwide ages of consent I was quite amazed! (especially with Spain)
 — unknown

 — Adelice

Thx :)
 — unknown

Fault! 30 ~love.
 — unknown

Nice form poem... the "I" is highlighted, showing the self-involved aspect of sex, the moving oh like a trail of smoke or the cry escaping... the n and g coming together for the moan. I think of the B as the bouncing spring.
 — andyleggett

Heh! Thx to both. :)
 — unknown

now do the concord
 — unknown

she's still got it.    just.
 — unknown