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Top Bottoms Out, Lapses

Down, down mojito, let's hit a bump,
lollipops and poppers
and things that end in -uction
   silly faggot fey-go figure
   lips wrap fingers in my pucker
   tight like ketamine lace
   in - flux - u - ate
   deliver ease
             fuck, oh please.
   drowning, gasping under toes
   growing, going...
     (SHIT!) goes.
drawn up to fit your flexing mold
     or cast.  Either way,
filled in quite outside my lines.
Complete my sine,
complicate your sin.
   again? again.
   submitting? given.
   around and around and up you go...
Maintenant, garcon!
Stupid tape's still on.
  static. static? buzz. snoring in my bed.
oh. a fruity mound of ex-ripe
peach-fuzzy flesh.
Silly faggot. Tricked by a kid.

28 Jun 08

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silly winrar, trumped by a crc. this is sort of fun as long as i don't have to read it with someone else and hear his laughing at the obvious and crinching at the paradoxhyde blond in the corner.
 — joey

aye don undeestunt dis.
seelee trickery.
: )
 — fractalcore

oh...... I enjoyed this. Topping from the bottom, are you?
 — banditfemme

i never sit and tell.
thanks, poets.
 — 6saysaysay9

the bottom with the promise of a top -- a fun ride and a devil may care 'in you end doh' playground of onomatopoeia and games lovers play in between the sheets -- every top has a bottom and so does this pome
 — AphroDite

 — Magdala