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The Face of Deceit

From my new fantasy series Of Atlantis, book five, Labyrinth into Oblivion
Today, I did something I am not proud of , something that is very much against my morals
What I did, I did for the sake of true Orion brotherhood, even though I want to hang my head in shame
To lie, especially to one of the same blood, well it will stay with me for awhile
I have learned true brotherhood, as my enemies have forgiven me, the ones I used to blame
My once enemies, opened their hearts and arms to me
Not asking me any questions, now I am a part of their family
They unselfishly showed me the true meaning of forgiveness, how things should really be
From this type of brotherhood, newly introduced to me, from this I never wish to flee
The way I was raised, power and greed, for my family, would take first place
But my new family, taught me, forgiveness and friendship, was the way to be
They showed me the true Orion way, brothers we are of the very same race
My eyes were blinded by lies, but my brothers really helped open my eyes, so I could truly see
But today, everything I now hold sacred, I had to turn my back on, to help my new friends and family
Helping them retrieve a very young life, from the grasp of my own crazed, demented father
A man at one time, I honored and was so proud of, until recently from him my morals made me flee
Someone, I used to look up to, a man, I used to comfortably call sir
But never again, as I saw his true face, one of deceit, one of dishonesty, one of lies
My own father, someone, I loved and respected, someone I thought I could always trust
All the years, you brain washed me, after truly seeing you, I was full of whys
The way you are, into the arms of you enemies, I was thrust
Your enemies, those of the same Orion blood, that you are, they opened my eyes
Showing me of your true nature, and today to you I had to lie, I had to show you deceit
Against everything I value, to help my new friends, I came face to face with you and tell a lie
So now you know how it feels, to see the true face of deceit.

6 Jul 08

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