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   conspiracy theory 911

     [conspiracy theory 19
   plus conspiracy theory 63]
multiplied by conspiracy theory 11
    plus conspiracy theory 22
   minus conspiracy theory 13
            points zero
             local time.

8 Jul 08

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sometimes they are so many, and kinda sad people believing them - cause x or y 'personalities' developed them..
— nisetru

very nice.
: )
— fractalcore

Glad you both liked


Could you do me a big favour and, contemplating every number between one and ten - with one being complete shite to ten being absolute genius - then decide what rating this poem should truly get. I'm sick to death of all your effing tens which are effing worthless as every effing thing you like gets one!  I'm sure even your effing postman has got one of the fuckers!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give my poem any sodding rating other than one of your meaningless TENS!  BUT PLEASE use all your quantitative powers to come up with a number that has some semblance of truth.

Thank you very much.
— unknown

The New Age rigmarole is a propaganda campaign for recycling dead forms and rituals in pretty bows and ribbons -- it was the back lash to the doubt based religion of reason, i.e., Conspiracy theories -- using odiousness as a prop to wit is a wound that reason makes -- intellectually arrogant mantrums of skewed ego fears and worries combating for some hierarchical place in the tree so you can say, oh gee look at me -- tiresome desire Monkey chest thumping and head scratching antics -- friends don't let friends levitate their ego and drive at the speed of light -- the problem is the ground breaking fall -- Levitating is an I'm Special slippery slope where the ego sees itself as better -- you are the Light -- shine on -- its plain and simple being real.
— AlchemiA

numbers are what you make them, unky.
you're part of the conspiracy in creation and art.
while there is not a real big difference between a
1 or 10 or zero or anything in between or beyond,
you have to focus your attention to your core or the
core of your craft...zero in to your fountainhead, so
to speak. it's a hard thing to do, if you ask me --
and i'm not perfect at all -- but i try my best.

what you've written here is something i couldn't have
thought of or imagined. now i ask you to bring your
attention to that fact, i.e. your ground zero.

it might be purely coincidental but that 13 in |5
is a gem. so relax, ok?

thanks for your poem.
: )
— fractalcore

isthis meant to imply that there is no subtelties behind the propaganda?  That the self talk of the nation with all its self justifications, hysteria and hate against others is simply obvious and factual?  This is very funny!
— unknown

Fractalcore - have had to delete and repost this poem in order to get rid off the poems you wrote in its comments section.

I don't like your poetry. It's not to my taste at all. I like it even less when it's spewed out amongst my stuff. I look forward to not seeing any more of it.
 — unknown

BTW - 13 is 0 without 6 and 7.
 — unknown

Almost forgot. Thanks, unk ^^, glad you enjoyed.
 — unknown

well, i thought this piece deserved more than the
attention it was originally afforded but thanks just
the same for the inspiration.

it was one of the best responses i've written to a poem
so far and i'm proud of it and this, your piece.

also, there is always a zero lurking behind any number
and it's very nice to have made this poem's acquaintance.
: )
 — fractalcore

and, unky, you had my full attention, btw.
: )
 — fractalcore

zero in the flower pot, do not water: cactus makes perfect.
 — joey

ok jokey, but plot would have been cuter.
Thanks, both, for your attention.
 — unknown

"plot" would have overlooked the potted nature of this verse -- how it simply fits the form and doesn't invent a form at all -- needing only to use the structure to say the one simple joke. a better joke would have been to make the form reflect "conspiracy" and "theory", but that's more a nineteen-twenties kind of humor, back when only a few people could read and you didn't have to dumb down everything for a laugh.
 — joey

hmm... I reckon the numbers were worth more than a 'simple'. I was really pleased how time of death fitted in so neatly.
 — unknown

this seems to me completely retarded.
 — DeformedLion

Hope there's still a few out there who think differently, DL, but ta for commenting. :)
 — unknown

 — unknown

hmm, i miss the "attn fractalcore" in the title.
could you put it back maybe?
; )
 — fractalcore

Sorry, f, but the poem isn't about, or for, you. I only included your name temporarily, out of politeness, so's you'd know I was beefing about you.
 — unknown

i know but i miss it, yaknow,
: )
 — fractalcore

I could add it to one of my other poem titles - on a temporary basis, of course. But only if you promised not to ten or favourite it.
 — unknown

the shape

its not symmetrical

kinda like a lot of these conspiracy theories that in the end dont add up and of course thats why theyre only theories and just for fun

local time wanted to come out the mouf loco time!
 — chuckle_s

It badds up like a dreamchuck.
Not loco but croako time.
 — unknown

i have tried to divide by zero but always mess up space/time when i do
 — Mongrol

U divide by zero if u want to.
The poet does not advocaat dividing by zero.
 — unknown

hmmmm....interesting...I like it, but it's definetly not a ten ^_^
 — unknown

ah, so somebody brought this thing up again.
shall i reiterate how i miss reading my name in the title?

seems that i'm the only one who faved this. lemme explain
it by this:      http://poetrycritic al.net/read/49581/.

thanks again, unknown.
still a fave, this lil thingy.
: )
 — fractalcore