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reasons without reason
can complicate things
for god and the devil--
the devil sharpened cumulus
and hid them in the freezer
for a sunny day
it has me at the brim of my wits
waiting to spill
if only for some sort of
r e l e a s e
it's explosion without laughter
consistently, persistently
swallowing me
like a field of hungry mouths,
digesting the essence
of every dream i've had of you
shitting it out,
in the form of empty futures,
bitter denial, and dirty dishes
like ice cream on a winter evening
i tape my mouth shut
and build my houses from dung
I have always been one point short from perfect

8 Jul 08

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 — unknown

love your picture

does time have a face?
 — unknown

very nicely-put.
: )
 — fractalcore

you begin with the percept that duality ever plays a game -- you use the old language then stretch it to form around your realEYESation that all this devilry is pathetic and impermanent and man made -- listening to the language only the heart can hear -- speaking without tongues is the summative strophe and well made at that -- we are one and all perfectly fractally flaw'd --
 — AlchemiA

fools build their houses from sticks, lesser fools build theirs from dung.
 — unknown

Wow!  Aziel, this is extremely good writing.  The last three lines are top-notch.
 — PaulS

:3 thanks!
 — Aziel