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We the Living

To pull so voraciously apart the threads of existence—this love
The testament thus far to the gift of life,
And blaspheme with every breath for some comfort in destruction
(Some witty innuendo to dare God’s stare)
Stands as the smug bastion of those who’ve never lived in death.
As whimpering of a soul not yet reveled by substance,
Could ever endure the pangs of those who tread the fringe.
A life with no obsession,
Listless and bitter as those left behind
Who shudder at the shadows of the arms of their widows—
not afraid,
not humbled,
We The Living
have no tangible memento to ease the pangs of want
Only waiting with promises,
With the cordial grace of that sublime face,
Shining kindly still— with no celestial receipt
The promise—
A synergy of that energy we call the soul
So brazen beyond fear
So exponentially vivacious— transcendent of all
There is no end to that which never began
but has remained a singularity over the ages
No ejaculation of passion or warm ember of dying hearts
Knows of such a kingdom in which we live,
We too refuse heaven,
for a Kingdom of our own
beyond judgment—
Of light blinding white as supernovas blossom at our feet.
As it has always been this cosmic vibration—this love
Recycled ad infinitum
A tyrant no doubt in the weakness to bend
To cower in awe of the gift of choice—
Until the expanse of questions renders you senile
and the sanctity of truth dries your lust
we the living can do only that
and will continue—

8 Jul 08

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maybe an edit after a few weeks -- there's a lot of gratuitous smartstuff sprinkled in this story and it distracts from the tedium -- in fact, keep the smartstuff and cut out the "feeling" part. didn't tennyson submit this one to cosmo already? i don't think they printed it.
 — joey

thanks man
 — rambo

nice piece and title, man.

isn't that one of ayn rand's works?
: )
 — fractalcore

Another Cosmo and not printed, Joey?  Come on, think up a new dig, you've used that one today already!
 — unknown

yea one of my favorite books, i wrote this after reading jack gilbert
 — rambo

cool. i think i've read it a long time ago. what other rand
writings do you have?
: )
 — fractalcore

all of them i think
 — rambo