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Fidgety dancing
to the tempo of your ironclad vibrato,
I sweat and trembled,
Universe decompressed.
I was a boy.
You were the monster.
Your curses scratched the core of my being,
My bruises never healed.
You never allowed me to cry,
And I tried my best not to.
But it did fell one day, it was the day you called me a fag.
I will never surpass
nor level with my sister's accomplishments.
I will never make you proud,
so I stopped and died trying.
Your shadow gawks upon me in this room, your voice reverberate like rain water.
Why in this world
you still haunt me dad?
And I thought ending my life would rid me of you.
I was wrong, I guess ghosts can scream as well.

9 Jul 08

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eerie in a very nice way.

i hate saying this but check |11 for grammar;
also, the verbs in |3 should be in the past tense.
how 'bout "scratched " instead of "etched" in |7.

nice concept.
true to life?
: )
 — fractalcore

true to life? i don't think so. i wouldn't admit if it is :)
 — markfelician