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i need a girl

who will let me do what I want with her bo-
i love barfly's, they'll drink whatever
I have to offer.
sometimes when I am alone
I imagine stroking your feet.
sometimes the moon
makes me cry.
"I am in love with you"
echoes down the street
my tongue,

11 Jul 08

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can't imagine lovers but that close
her hands on his knees, his eyes in her eyes.
and bodies belonging to each other as much as the souls.
i like the poem, especially the ending 4 lines
 — nisetru

"my tongue, paralysed." Sharp jagged lines, that add to the drunken discombobulation of the poem.  Lusted and slightly meniacle, almost like a serial killer stalking his next victim. "sometimes the moon makes me cry." Write on.
 — nugunz

 — unknown

no, your the idiot.

stoopid unknown
 — unknown

Really strange atmosphere created here. Sounds like a moon dog on heat.
 — larrylark

yes, this was inspired by you mr. lark
 — unknown

you need to write on and on so i can
read more of your beauteous poems.
: )
 — fractalcore

 — fried2noodle

+++?  Make of that comment what you wish, you selfish dogg.
 — Isabelle5

 — fried2noodle