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a bedtime story

a room dimly lit,
an attempt to scare off her ghosts- or all,
with door shut tight and windows locked down firm
sleeps the girl
surrounded by fair, soft
dandelion, rose
cozy, warm
and a haunting memory.
on stomach,
an attempt to hold her keepers at bay- and all,
body lulls itself to sleep with quiet hum of soft breathing
only accompanied by the buzz from a heater.
she is not alone.
down from the ceiling,
an attempt not to wake her- and all,
are a few knowing somethings
sent to take from just this one girl.
she sleeps restless now, rough
charcoal, brick
fighting, arching
and giving up.
waking on back,
fearing nothing has happened,
a lift of the shirt reveals a normal self, no scratch mark or scuff,
they took nothing- but all.

13 Jul 08

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why are all poems about a child going to bed about abuse?

seriously, i think people need to watch some good tv, and not crimewatch
 — john_daker

nice poem.
 — unknown