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Primary Colors

You slide the key
silently into the lock,
hide in the closet
where I find you
after the dishes
are dried and put away.
You pull me to the bed,
lifting clothes over my head,
kissing what you reveal,
small sounds in your throat
making me crazy.
Your hands are brown, rough,
my skin white against you,
as if an artist laid us down
on a bed of blue, just to see
how good we’d look together.
The sun is going down
when you leave, home
to see your children and
the woman you always told me
was your ex.

17 Jul 08

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Beautiful & sexy / sad & poignant - I love!
 — the_lost_one

Yep.  "beautiful & sexy / sad & poignant" - I love 2!
 — starr

thank you.
 — Isabelle5

I like it, but I'm not sure about the last few lines.  The rest of the poem goes you me you me you me, and the end goes you you you you you. Which I can see why of course given, the subject matter, but it seems to set off the flow a little.
 — Ananke

primary colors is a silly title. it makes me think of a box of crayons.
 — unknown

erotic, beatyful, you
 — Odin

FABULOUS.  Stunning.  
I feel this.  It resonates.  Great job!
ONE SUGGESTION:  The last stanza, line 18 remove the comma and "home"
it becomes:
when you leave
to see your children and the (move the "and the  up to the preceding line)
woman you
always told me was your ex.
Nice stuff, IMC.  You've still got "it"!!!!!!!!
 — aforbing

nice poem.
: )
 — fractalcore