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the cycle of the leaves--

should have been posted on the 16th...oh well.

I shall go now. goodbye,
see ya later
your teeth
shine like a new-born
opium reek in your hair
[don't know, maybe],
slight of hand poetic
enabling the enabler,
crystal cup of language.
words pour out, shine--
silver plated teeth,
and I say goodbye, but what
i really mean is
hello. ]
I love you guys like newborn love
by spring time moon; iridescent, unshakeable.
ours is sun and stars,
and plenty black
reach out,
touch. touch the letter,
and the rag,
and write behind those
strawberry lashes
curling like unfettered
hands. touch the stray
and mighty both,
slowly sip the water
from out of space
and come to one
and come to all
taking breath and magik,
give it all away.  
silence offends us.
bloom with the outthrust
of a catapult-
we speak the stone
of broken heart:
flowers gain a stony
drop me in the ocean,
in the end
i'll be forgotten.

19 Jul 08

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Don't go. Such potential is needed on this board

Larry agony auny Lark
 — larrylark

i like this a lot, DeformedLion.
write on and leave not.
: )
 — fractalcore

No. I shall never leave.

Goodbye be but a little wink or full-on "come fuck me" with "Goodbye"-- first post here a little over a year ago.  
 — DeformedLion

hmm, interesting.
: )
 — fractalcore

yes, this is good. for me, lines:

5-7, the image of the fridge tooth is remarkable.

19, my preference but i would remove 'guys', i think you could use a stronger noun here.

24-35 and 47-49, brilliant.
 — raskolniikov