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My Blood Runs Thin

My blood runs thin.
The coldness grows darker within me.
The pit of my stomach hungers for something more,
Something more than life has to offer.
I yearn for a feeling not yet felt,
And yet treasured by so many,
And hated by so many in the same breath…
For it is love I seek, but it never seems to come.
Why? I ask myself. Why oh why does the pain of no companion
Dig at my insides… I have made it this far without
Why now, does the pain and loneliness begin to grow?
The lack of romance in our culture brings a terrible taste to my mouth;
For the women of these times merely swim with the tide.
Sporting fake messages from the media in the form of makeup and fashion.
Or perhaps it is me who does not understand.
Perhaps it is them who seek the same thing, that very moment,
That moment when you hold someone and you know at that moment
That somehow your souls have managed to become meshed together,
Like two pieces of silk being woven together to make a scarf for both to wear.
Or maybe I am just wrong, and true love is a figment of the imagination.
Just something sought but never obtained.
And the ideals of our women are shrouded in vanity
Forever lost and wasted on the true beauty
That lies within.

22 Jul 08

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i love l17-20
 — nisetru

unlike my poetry, but very true and powerful
love l. 13
 — dustybottoms

fanatastic!stunning!too true!thank you for delivering the truth in such a powerful way!
 — Tamar