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Emerald Isle only speaks of you

I can close my eyes;
and feel the warmth of the fire,
smell the charred wood.
with scent of the sand in the air,  
I feel wanted.
The waves crash the sea plays in harmony
suspending in the ring of my guitar.
You see.
With fragments of dreams in mind,
I craft the most beautiful songs.
One day I’ll show them to the world.
Maybe you’ll hear them;
maybe you’d believe it when i sing:
"These images I share…put ever so elegantly;
I’d give anything to be."

31 Jul 08

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Lovely poem about poetry, is beautiful.. and i like that it can be read through the perspective of lovers sharing too
 — nisetru

 — unknown

Great depth of sense.  Here's to the campfire superstars. Write on.
 — nugunz

i imagine Adam Sandler starting the fire with his ukelele.
: )
 — fractalcore

haha thats hilarious about adam sandler, if you could help me get this poem out soo muc more can read it
 — miraclenzero