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addicted to sound

I don't know how to sleep without noise.
I scroll through lists of
songs with sloppy sentiments,
nothing to stir me into wakefulness
with the aim of thought.
Sad and dull.
Sad and dull are good, they are
and taking a mental step down may
help me fall into sleep.
But I must be drunk on light because
I fell and missed the ground,
missed the down part of sleep,
and my mind landed in a cocaine powder puff monstrosity.
It is a parody of sleep that leaves me
more tired than when I was awake.
Someday I will find a way to get to sleep
without noise,
hopefully a way with fewer decoys and
missteps, because
pills make me loopy and my food tastes strange in the morning.

1 Aug 08

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It has a comfortable, thinking-out-loud, read to it. Nice one.
 — lepry

good handle and control on the words and flow.
: )
 — fractalcore

i especially like line 11-16
 — SilverGirl