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Ups and Downs
Melting into you
Pepto pink
Not Exactly Okay
Help me
I can't
Natural born whore
Midnight child
What will I say
Steps to discarding identity:
Psycho letter
Home to mom
Navigating by faint light
i took off my ring
Out the Window
Too blinding to care

31 Jan 04

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LOL...this is too funny.   -Sam
 — unknown

gnorm, you have a way with a list. *grin*
 — unknown

Somehow, it comes together and makes sense. I like!!
 — unknown

Mwah!  A kiss for your cleverness!
 — unknown

is this a found poem? because I bet no-one will ever admit to losing it.
 — unknown

Haha.  Clever.
 — abby

hee hee Nice, very nice
 — Minx

 — unknown

i dont get it?
 — unknown

creative..i think...not a very creative title though..
 — unknown

if you want it to be exactly like the "Recently Commented (expand)" title, make your "E" in "Expand" a lower case : )
 — unknown

great parataxis, especially with that orphaned "Almost".  I...don't quite get the last line...is it supposed to be egotistical?   great poem
 — timonious

i dont get it?
 — bobmarlie9

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 — unknown

the allure of minimalism is we the reader posit our meaning ... AI Poetry relies on this blind spot in language. By utilizing the recently commented list as your minimalistic 'dream your own meaning' Poem you've captured the little arrogance of trying 'not' to be obvious in a Poem! Trying to be 'Artistic' is somewhat oxymoronic; a moron working as hard as an ox ...

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the tip of my pinky vs. your whole head
    David Bowie
The Physiognomist
 — AlchemiA

gnormal does it again.
: )
 — fractalcore

ok if you already know
but i just wanted
you to know
 — fractalcore

This has been done before.

Ban. Dit
 — unknown

Ban Dit ^   it was posted 5 years ago.
 — unknown

: )
 — fractalcore

you forgot, unknown.
 — PaleHorse

i dont get it.
 — psychofemale