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a spirit strives in solitude,
yet yearns for attention;
I never pictured it as,
a people person.

4 Aug 08

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we all respond to stimuli.
 — raskolniikov

Never pictured a spirit as a people person?  Without people, would ghosts exist?  What would a spirit be striving for?  Not being snotty, I really want to know what you were going for here when you wrote this.  
 — Isabelle5

a tree will fall in the woods after mankind has destroyed itself.
 — percocet

the temperament of mankind.
 — percocet

Oh look your first poem. It's so luxuriously transparent. Thanks for being weird at some poems I wrote 10 years ago btw.  The ghosts of our creative past are v. spooky indeed.
 — bowiegirl

 — percocet

gay is a sideshow.
 — percocet

can u?
 — percocet

are u more a fag then the other?
 — percocet

does God give a fuck about u?
 — percocet

where is your God?
 — percocet

bringem young
 — percocet

do u know know what it fealsw like to be wrecked?
 — percocet

u will lose.
 — percocet

there is no man here.
 — percocet